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Eating clean is not just about eating fresh. It is also about eating foods that are free of harmful additives, chemicals, and GMO’s. And, for many people this includes a need to eat foods free of gluten.

Lets face it, who in todays society is not time deprived? Todays schedules and time constraints make it impossible to eat fresh food all the time. The majority of us must rely on prepackaged foods for snacking and mealtime. For most of us, lunch choices are often made based on (lack of) time and convenience. This results in eating food that does not complement our health due to the choices made available to us. Fast food, convenience stores, even restaurants, lead us to sodium laden poor quality foods.

We are huge proponent’s for eating fresh food, but understand the challenges that exist. Like it or not prepackaged food has become the norm. Simply Pure partners with the best food providers. We bring natural real ingredient prepackaged foods to your workplace. Why have a vending machine filled with artificial fake ingredient foods?

Simply Pure believes that when people have better choices offered they will choose them. Fast food restaurants, Convenience stores and traditional vending options have marketed convenience. People are now demanding better options, but those options are not convenient. We bring these options to the workplace. How convenient is that?

It is true that many healthy real food options can be pricey. We have acquired a product range in tune with traditional vending pricing. Often, our clean food options are better value as we offer larger sizes that do not fit into a vending machine. This gives you more for a similar price.

While we are on the subject of healthy; we do not condone junk food! Of course eating fresh and nutritious food is important to health and wellness. In an ideal world we would eat fresh and clean food 90% of the time.
We all enjoy the occasional indulgence, like potato chips or gummy bears. They are “dirty good”. They still satisfy the craving but are made with clean ingredients. Simply Pure can provide many of those traditional options you crave.


We are the only local vending company (that we know of) whose sole focus is clean food options. We have a Just Say No! list comprised of the ingredients we believe are not conducive to good health. These ingredients are not required for making great tasting products. They are ingredients designed to decrease costs and extend shelf life only. Let’s extend our own life and “Just Say No!”

We begin providing amazing fresh food options from April using local sourced fresh ingredients. Seasonal Menu’s created by Fig & the Knife teamed with Pure Eatz will be flavorful and nutritious. Our Market and Coffee clients receive free delivery.

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Last but not least, we have a micro market in our showroom where we invite you to experience how a micro market works. This allows you to see and sample! You will experience the vast range of prepackaged snacks, meals and beverages we offer. You will also experience a sneak preview of our fresh food offering. We provide a range of products that taste great! No need for unnecessary additives, artificial flavors, and coloring. The majority are certified GMO and gluten free.

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