Can Simply Pure install a Micro Market for locations with less than 100 people?


To date, Micro Markets have been designed for locations with 100 to 150 people minimum.
Our company mission is to change how people lunch by providing convenient clean food options to as many people as possible and this meant we had to rethink the micro market concept. A large part of micro markets is having fresh food available. We saw that many vending companies could not accommodate smaller locations due to the fresh food aspect and for some vendors, it simply is not logistically viable.

In response to the need for a tiny market, we collaborated with a commercial fixtures company to design a full service “NANO” market. This allows us to place markets in locations with as few as 25 people. However, to make this tiny venture viable we need to retail hot beverages as well as the expected cold drinks, prepackaged snacks & entrees. We overcame the fresh food challenge for locations with fewer than 50 people with the creation of our PURE EATZ program debuting May 2017.

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