Healthy Eating Increases Work Productivity

Imagine that the typical workweek has just started. Monday arrives and you have to carve a path through hell itself. Once you have successfully beaten back the weekday blues, things seem marginally better. By Wednesday, you are almost in control and end up having the most productive workday of the week. It could be that it took you three days to acclimatize yourself to getting back to work. Or, it could be something you ate! Think back of your amazing days at work and then link them to what you had for lunch on those days.

A study found out that workers who ate healthy food performed better at their jobs.

Not only was their performance affected, they were also less likely to be absent from work due to improved health. The study was a collaborative effort conducted by the Brigham Young University, Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), and the Center for Health Research at Healthways. The research reported a difference of 25% or more for how these healthy employees performed, as compared to their counterparts. The healthy eaters included those who ate nutritional food all day long. Additionally, employees consuming multiple servings of fruit and vegetables throughout the week were more likely to be 20 percent more productive than others were.

Links to Cognition

We all know that the higher the energy levels of your body, the more active your brain would be. Since poor nutrition is linked to energy levels, this means food will influence how active you are at work. Additionally, the kind of bad food can also make a difference. If your diet consists of processed foods, then you might feel mild irritability. Coupled with this attitude are increased risks of depression and anxiety. Consequentially, you would not be able to concentrate on your work.
Bad nutritional practices can also affect your creativity. If, for instance, your line of work involves exercising your creative muscles more than your physical ones, then things could get difficult for you.

The Big Picture

If you think that suffering work productivity is just a personal issue, then you could not be more wrong! The global picture of productivity is changing due to the way we eat. Since what we eat affects our health, failing worker health is causing decreased productivity all over the world. Moreover, bad eating habits can lead to other issues linked to worker health, such as obesity and heart diseases. This means that the developed countries are being affected. Research from the Brown University tells us that better health in adults could make them work for longer and earn more throughout life.

Better Nutrition = Increased Work Productivity

Here are a few things that you can try:

If you are going to be ordering in, then the time to decide what you will eat is before you get hungry! People are better equipped to decide which food is good for them, based on fat, salt, and calories in the future as compared to the present.

If you let your glucose level peter out with passing time, you are going to have a less productive day. Changing blood sugar can affect the brain and productivity level negatively. Munch on something healthy throughout the day and you will perform better!

Healthy eating increases work productivity. Try it and get that promotion that has always been hovering just out of your reach!

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